PATRICK TEOH visits eZeebike Malaysia.

Recently, Patrick visited and took eZeebike Tricyle for a road trip.
More details and updates on the road trip coming soon.

So who is Patrick Teoh?
Patrick Teoh (born 16 October, 1947) is an actor and radio personality in Malaysia.
A career in radio, on TV, stage and in movies spanning more than five decades earned Patrick the nickname of “Voice of Malaysia”, bestowed by his fans and the Malaysian mass media.

Patrick Teoh was born in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. He attended St. Michael’s Institution up until Form 5. Never one for book learning, Teoh was a below par student in all his years at school. His only “A” was in English in all the exams he took. As a result Teoh failed his Form Six Entrance Exam thereby screwing his chances of furthering his formal education at university.

Teoh learned to speak English before he even went to school. He managed this because he watched more movies as a child that the average person would in their lifetime. His father took him and his mother to the movies every day for the 9.15 p.m. screening, school night or not. From this routine of watching a movie a day, Teoh learned to speak English by watching actors such as John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Henry Fonda and James Stewart. This personal habit of going to the cinema everyday stayed with Teoh until he was 24 years old and was the only “hobby” he claims he had. His personal record was watching six movies in a single day.[1]

After high school, Teoh remained in Ipoh and became a life insurance and encyclopaedia salesman working on commission for a few years. His father, fed up with this, finally told him to ‘get a real job’. In 1966, he was having dinner at home when Rediffusion, a cable radio station announced that they had vacancies for radio announcers. Teoh applied, was called for an interview and got the job soon after. He was 19 years old.


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