About Us

About Us


Why We Make
Electric Bikes

Established in 2001. We’re passionate about making amazing electric bikes.
Working with international standards such as ISO, EN and CE, we guarantee our electric bicycles of the highest quality and performance. In the face of fashions and fads and many other design considerations we have always put our customers first.

eZeebike Have  :

The largest capacity batteries. 36V 14.5Ah (522Wh) as standard and an upgrade option to 36V 34Ah (1225Wh) for super long range riding! Perfect for hilly commutes or just enjoying rail trails!
Absolutely fantastic hill-climbing performance, and that’s what an electric bicycle is for! The most user-friendly frames and features, such as step-through frames, AXA wheel locks for quick security, internal hub gears, double-leg kickstands and more The most robust components, nobody wants a puncture, but eZee is the only few e-bike brands to provide as standard the undisputed most puncture-proof tyre in the world, the Schwalbe Marathon Plus.
The widest range of models, with truly a bicycle for everyone, from the timeless city commuting workhorse the eZee Sprint, to the phenomenal eZee Expedir electric cargo bicycle that has been liberating families around the world from daily use of their cars. The eZee Expedir electric cargo bicycle was voted in Suisse, Australia and New Zealand as the best electric bicycle for commercial use due to their robustness and dependability.


Simple & Humble Form
of Transport

Founder & CEO

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People Behind Ezee

Mark Sneyder


Wanda Franse


Frank Rumino