Distributor over at Western Australia, “ebikersfremantle”.

Allow us to introduce to you, our Distributor over at Western Australia, “ebikersfremantle”.

Australian owned and operated by John and Marie Schelfhout, right here in Fremantle.
They stock a range of Perth’s best electric bikes, conversion kits and more.
What really sets them apart from all competitors is our experience.
They have been in Fremantle for years, supplying Perth and Western Australia with with the latest products and services from all over the world.

Their company started in Fremantle WA in 2006 when electric bikes were introduced at the E Shed Markets. It began a revolution that was destined to grow and evolve into a major force in the electric bike market in Western Australia.

Originally attracting the interest of caravanners and commuters the concept of power assisted cycling inevitably became an exciting alternative method of transport for everyone.

The main attractions were, “exercise without stress” “cheaper and healthier commuting” and “recreational enjoyment for anyone”.

Higher fuel price for cars and heavy road congestion has helped to keep the demand growing at a rapid rate.

With our retail store, eBikers already in business, they launched their own brand of electric bikes on the 17th of August 2009, Ryder Bikes.
Naming their brand was easy. At exactly the same time as launching Ryder Bikes their first grandchild was being born. His name is Ryder. Naturally they chose his name for the brand. Both Ryder’s have grown and proved to be a blessing.

Inevitably, Ryder and EBikers Fremantle are now eZeebike family, so lets Welcome them, and do visit them whenever you visit Freo.

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