Q1. What is an electric bicycle?

There are currently two categories of electric bicycles.

Ebike -The motor is activated by turning the throttle. As such, there is no need for pedaling. However, one could still pedal at the same time and also decide how much electrical assistance one wants with the throttle.

EPAC - The motor can only be activated as you pedal by means of a motion or torque sensor.

eZee makes both E-bikes and EPACS. We also make a combination of both (bimodal).

Q2. What size or power of the motor is needed and what is best?

For a person from 70 - 90 Kgs, it only takes about 150 - 180 watts to move at a speed of 24 km/h on level roads. Therefore a motor of 180 to 250 watts should be more than sufficient and when you combine your own muscle power to that of the motor.

A good electric bicycle depnds on both the motor and the controller working in harmony. Acceleration, torque, maximum output, assistance factor are the real the judges of what a good electric bicycle should be.

Q3. Can I climb hills with this bicycle?

With eZee, you'll have no worries tackling grades at all; a simple pedal assist should get you up most grades, making your job even easier than most conventional 21 gears bicycles.

Q4. What kinds of battery are available and how long can I use bicycle before the battery runs out?

eZee bike now uses a Li Ion Polymer battery with a rating of 37V 10Ah or 370 Wh. It is intrinsically safe and there is all the protection that is required from an excellent Battery Management Circuit. The lightness at 3.1 kgs for the entire battery with casing and circuit. 1 year warranty with 70% retention of original capacity.

Q5. What is the electrical consumption like?

Next to nothing. Electric bicycles are the most energy/cost-efficient transport. 1kw will get you about 100 kms – that’s about 25 – 50 cents in any country, even the food you’ll need to that distance on a regular bike will cost more.

Q6. How fast can I go on the eZee electric bicycle?What are the legal issues involved in owning one?

This depends on what the regulations in your country allow. We put in the controls and motor specifications to meet such requirements. The following regulations for the USA and Europe respectively.

The US Senate has passed SR 1156 clearing the way for legal definition of an electric bicycle in the USA. President Bush has signed this law. The new law will assign the governance of electric bicycles to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and will define a bicycle that has two pedals (and is capable of being propelled by those pedals) and an electric motor of no more than 750 watts, a top speed (on motor only) of 20 mph as a "bicycle"

EU - Electric Powered Assist Cycles (EPAC)
EPACs up to 25km/h (16 mph) and a motor no more than 250 watts rated output are considered bicycles. Type approval is not required. Applicable November 9th2003 in all EU member states.

The EU directive 2002/24/EC comes in effect on May 9th 2003 and will replace the current Directive 91/61/EEC

Q7. Where can I purchase an electric bicycle?

Please email us at ezeebike@gmail.com or contact a distributor near you.

Q8. How about after sales support?

Email us at ezeebike@gmail.com or contact your distributor. We do our best to ensure that you will enjoy your product for many years to come.


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